Sports and Training
we will make you faster
Sports and Training
we will make you faster

Professional Triathlon Coaching


 Our training helps you, when ...

  You are dissatisfied.

  You had another bad performance and you missed the podium.

  Your performance was not satisfactory again.

  You were too slow in your race.

  You were lost in the crowd and the competition was once again faster than you.

  You have the feeling that your triathlon training is too unspecific and ineffective.

  Your training is based on half knowledge, and you don't have the scientific know-how to consider all sport physiological aspects of training control.



 Imagine, with the training you can ...

    • Achieve a podium place and be faster than your competitors.
    • Reach your full potential.
    • Focus on the fundamentals of your training, so your family and social life don't suffer.
    • Enjoy the best possible preparation through our support and structure.
    • The highest effectiveness through an optimal definition of the training zones.
    • You have more motivation, train with a lot more fun, and you can enjoy your increasing performance
    • The performance diagnostics and analyses complement the training and optimize the efficiency of the training.
    • Personal collaboration with your online coach

Online Coaching - Professional Package  


What makes Sports and Training stand out:

  • With over twenty years of experience, we have an eye for the essential details, helping you achieve your goal.
  • Individual support to ensure your goals, we are there for you when you need us.
  • The right combination of training sessions in every situation.
  • The highest effectiveness through an optimal definition of the training zones.
  • The reduction of your weaknesses and improvement of your strengths.
  • We offer you proven solutions and the strategic planning of your training.
  • Personal collaboration with your online coach
 triathlon training
 Takao Mühmel -  Headcoach and Triathlonexpert
Invest your time and resources in quality training, benefit from our expert knowledge.


Schedule an initial call now

You can also see our FAQ - How it works list.

Why train with us?



  Do you want to start triathlon or any sport in a meaningful and effective way

  Do you want to improve your performance in a triathlon?

  Are you training specifically for an Ironman, Half-Ironman, Olympic Triathlon or Sprint Triathlon?

  Do you want to successfully participate in a marathon, half-marathon, cycling event or swimming competition?

  Are you not comfortable with pre-made training plans?

  Do you consider your training to be ineffective?

  You need a proper help to reach your goals?

  Do you need a qualified trainer who can manage your training properly and train you individually?

Online Coaching portraet


We help to achieve your goals?


We offer over 20 years of experience as a triathlon coach. You will get an individual triathlon coaching with a weekly training plan, no standard program or computer generated 0-8-15 training plan. Your training will be adjusted and matched to your goals, your current time possibilities on a weekly basis.

The basis for the design of the training plans is my graduated sports education or a well-founded education of the respective coach. Countless advanced trainings, as well as years of experience as an athlete, competitive athlete and the knowledge from coaching hundreds of athletes in triathlon and in the individual disciplines swimming, cycling and running help to know which training session is right for you and at what time.


online platform

Easy access via phone, PC, tablet    |     workout calendar    |    sync your workouts    |    individual care ensures that you are fit to the point

Triathlon Coaching - Professional Package


Achieve your goals and get top fit to the point for the race. No more guessing, the package of professional coaching, diagnostics and yearlong experience will get you to the success for your race.

You will receive:

  • Initial analysis in an approx. 60 minute personal meeting or via video conference before the start of training
  • an individual weekly training plan, adapted to the current training level and time budget (example plan).
  • a short-term adjustment/change of the training plan takes place if necessary within 24 h.
    unlimited contact for questions by mail or phone
  • detailed training instructions for each training unit in swimming, cycling, running
  • an individual yearly periodization with various training and competition highlights, as well as the continuous adjustment
  • training and competition feedback from the trainer by mail or phone
  • 2 performance diagnostics* (INSCYD) in cycling or running (by arrangement) for individual determination of metabolic parameters and training zones
  • Evaluation of 3 video analyses* per year for technique improvement
    * upon booking of at least 8 months of coaching


professional package 400

- weekly coaching

- 2 performance tests +  3 Video analyses

- Unlimited coach access

 icon swimmer white 300icon bike white 300icon runner white 300

  • Premium account at TrainingPeaks (online platform for documentation and evaluation of training)
  • Evaluations of training and competitions in graphs and tables via the training account
    • Mobile app ( Android) and Apple
    • if required, a daily e-mail with the units to be completed or automatic synchronization of the training units in different calendars (Ical format),
    • various detailed statistics are kept and the performed training is compared to the specifications from the training plan down to the smallest detail.

    Note: The price refers to a term of 8 months, the contract can be paused in case of injury or illness.

    If you don't have 8 months until your main race, ask for an individual offer. (A special cancellation can be made after 3 training weeks to the end of the month).

     If you have question see our FAQ - How it works list.

Process of Triathlon Training

1.Schedule an initial call now

2. eingangsanalyseInitial analysis via questionnaire and video conference & introduction to the training platform.

3. trainingsbeginnStart of training and implementation of the individual modules of the package.




 visionInitial analysis

  • Determining your individual goals and requirements
  • Defining of your vision

 trainingseinstiegStart of Training

  • Getting to know of the training and the basic principles
  • Establishing routines and terminology


  • Verification of specific abilities and physiological preconditions
  • Determination of the training areas and training priorities

 trainingsstartBuild-up training

  • Implementation of the goal and priorities
  • Improvement of sport specific skills


  • Verification of the training results
  • Determination of the parameters for the race-specific training

retargetingCompetition specific training

  • competition specific training, test competitions
  • preparation, fine tuning of the competition strategy
  • definition of competition routines
raceCompetition Implementation of the race strategy



What are you waiting for?

Arrange a no-obligation strategy consultation with us now and let's talk about your opportunities for improvement:

  • Optimize your training
  • Use your resources
  • Improve your performance and reach your goal

Do you have any questions, or you require help choosing your coaching package or training plan?


Schedule an initial call now

Athletes Feedback:  5 Sterne Rating

Takao's care leaves nothing to be wanted. The training plan always arrives on time, is perfectly tailored to my needs, and the training is efficient and fun. Takao adapts the plans flexibly when something comes up. I started without big ambitions and could improve my Ironman time to 10h 40 min in the meantime. I would never have thought that was possible. In addition, I participate in the 70.3 World Championship in Utah this year!!! Without Takao this would not have been possible. Thank you so much!!!     more Feedback


Petra Leitmann - Professional Triathlon Coaching

Zürich 10/22/2022



Sports and Training has helped in the last 20 years over

 10000+ Athletes

to achieve their goals



guarantee money back

14 Days Opt Out, No Cancellation Fee

If your Plan does not meet your needs, you can switch to another Plan or you get your money back.




Sports and Training has helped in the last 20 years over

 10000+ Athletes

to achieve their goals



guarantee money back

14 Days Opt Out, No Cancellation Fee

If your Plan does not meet your needs, you can switch to another Plan or you get your money back.


Support / Contact

The High Level Support is provided by qualified coaches.
We answer all questions quickly.

Phone: +49-3834 - 3189895

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