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Triathlon Coaching Program and Content

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  • You receive a fully customized detailed training schedule depending on your schedule and goals.Online Coaching Program for Ironman, Half Ironman, Olympic Distance, Sprint Distance
  • Your training is individually provided week by week and adjusted by your current training conditions and your existing time budget.
  • You get a periodisation your entire season, this includes of corse multiple races.
  • The training plan contains detailed and clear instructions for each training unit in swimming, biking and running. Stretching and Strength training are specified as well.
  • In addition training will be coordinated with additional sports.
  • An advanced online account to plan, monitor and analyze your training plan and training log.
  • We use proven models to monitor your training stress and fitness to help you peak at just the right times.
  • A statistic is led automatically and the accomplished training is compared with the defaults from the training plan. We use these data of training for the analysis, creation and adjustment of the following training units.
  • A race evaluation is desired and inclusive.


  • You can print out your weekly training schedule
  • You can get a daily email with your training and meal information (or sync your workouts with your personal calendar - optional). It’s harder to skip a workout when it’s staring you in the face on your Androit or Smart phone
  • You can contact us at any time and unlimited with questions by email, phone ore skype.
  • A short term adjustment/change of the training plan takes place if necessary within 24 h.
  • Your complete training is mobile: You’ll have no excuses not to log your workouts with our mobile apps for iPhone, iPad and Android devices. It doesn’t get any easier.
  • View your workout like you want. Color code workouts, easily search through all your logs or even print out a copy for your fridge.
  • Upload your workouts directly from many different devices.
  • You can also monitor your meals and metrics.

 Price: US $39.00 / Week order-now

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If you have more question also our FAQ - How it works.

Please feel free to contact us if you are interested, you have questions or  you are looking for a different service.   

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1. Follow Your Goals

  • daily structured training session
  • designed for specific training requirements
  • training based on heart rate or power
  • Field test to set your training zones and progress


2. Choose Your Package

  • Triathlon Choaching
  • Trainingplan
    Sprint Triathlon Training Plans, Olympic Triathlon Training Plans, IRONMAN 70.3 Training Plans, IRONMAN 140.6 Training Plans, 10K Running Training Plans, ​Half Marathon 21 K, Training Plans, Marathon 42 K Running Training Plans, Swimming 500/1500 Training Plans

3. How It Works

  1. Choose your Package
  2. Sign up and Purchase
  3. Download your Training Plan Instructions
  4. Get connected and receive your Training Plan