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Regardless of our customers' objectives, we always focus on finding the right solution for them. We accompany you from the beginning of the training to beyond the finish line. Because we are only satisfied when our customers are completely satisfied with the result.

Many of our customers have been loyal to us for years. Thanks to our extensive know-how and experience in triathlon and sport, customers can be sure that they are working with the right expert for them.

Satisfied customers are the best proof of our successful work.


After a four-year break from racing, I'm starting my 27th Ironman preparation with a training plan from Training mit System. The many good reports, the basic training concept, the connection to the training software and the price structure have convinced me so far. The training plan that was sent to me was adapted as requested and provided quickly. My first impression is very positive and I am motivated to start the preparation for the season.
To be continued.....


Rodger Johlitz -  Long-Distance Training Plan Chase your Personal Best Time  9-15 hours Training - 36 weeks  I 10/06/2021


Takao fulfills what I want from a competent personal trainer: training plans are always on time and weekly tailored to my tight time budget. Short-term rescheduling of the whole plan? It's just as easy to take care of as it is to call back to prepare for a competition. And the training is also efficient, measurable by the continuous progress of my athletic performance. In this respect, overall assessment: piccobello. This year, all my registered competitions were cancelled - Takao will have to coach me again in 2021! Alex :-)


Alexander Janz -  Triathlon Coaching I 09/30/2020


The allocation and first contact was made very quickly. Despite the fact that no coaching option was bought, no petty trading was done and initial questions were answered in a targeted manner. At my request to design training parts according to HF or WATT, I was immediately approached and possibilities were offered to make this flexible.

The purchased training plan is very well-balanced in terms of load and regeneration. The training plan is challenging, but I do not feel under- or over challenged and I have the feeling that it will bring you ahead. I am confident that I will reach my goals.

Jörg Schaffitzel - Middle distance training plan  I  07/11/2020


I wanted to report after 13 weeks of training. The first weeks were great, but since the beginning of the year (February / March) it is really hard for me to motivate myself further. This is not because of the training plan, which is really great. It's fun and especially in swimming I made a great development.

In today's Corona time I do sports from time to time, but my competition has been canceled and now I'm training as much as I like until the time changes again. I really miss swimming.

Now I will start to run and ride my bike again regularly. I will reactivate the plan next year.

Best greetings from Hamburg

Patrick - Hamburg  I  04/07/2020


The plans were great fun, had variety and were well described. The training is designed in such a manner that it is possible for an employed person to implement the training units. If I had any questions, I always received detailed answers immediately.
Unfortunately I cannot write anything about my result on the competition day, because it has been cancelled due to the current situation. But I am sure that the plan has good chances of success. I will use it again.
The only suggestion for improvement would be that some units with a lap button (on the Garming device) had to be pressed further, which I often found not ideal.
Apart from that, everything was really top!

F. Demmelmeyer  I  04/07/2020


After finishing my first Olympic distances, I am now heading for the middle distance. Since I can't manage to train more than 10 hours per week, I have been searching for a suitable training plan for a long time... and found it here.
I have no experience with an online trainer yet, but I feel very comfortable with Takao. The training plan fits well with my "other life" and Takao answers my questions and adjustments promptly and purposefully.
There are still a few weeks to go until my competition, but I have a good feeling and I expect to be at the starting line at the time of the race, trained appropriately.

Ingo Nowak - Triathlon Training Plan middle distance  I  01/23/2020


"When I signed up for my first long distance, I decided I needed a coach. That was five years ago. Since then, Takao has prepared me for 3 long distances, several middle distances, marathons and whatever else there is. I don't know how I would have managed to combine the time-intensive job with IronMan training without his personalized training plans. Although we never met personally, I always had the feeling that he knew me well and this knowledge was reflected in the training plans accordingly. I can only recommend Takao as a trainer!" (Translated from German)

Agnieszka Walorska - Triathlon Coaching Customer I 07/07/2020


 The training plan has brought me to the finish of the Olympic distance. My tight training time budget was used optimally. Thanks for the support! (Translated from German)

Martin Bacher - Training plan Olympic Distance I 01/01/2020


 The plan worked out really well, I was able to make small adjustments myself and when I had questions, I was quickly answered.

Micheal K. - Middle Distance Klagenfurth

I trained according to the long distance plan "36 weeks IronMan training plan with 9-13h Finish with a good time", which was exhausting and challenging, but my results speak for themselves.

J. Müller - Roth 2019


As a newcomer to Ironman, the chosen Beginner plan was perfect for me, even if I missed a training session now and then, it worked out great and I never felt overburdened. The units were enjoyable and brought me safely to my goal. I would always recommend the plans to others.

Nadine Peters  - Ostseeman - Long Distance Triathlon  I  08/19/19

Absolutely the best online trainer there is. Working with Takao has been my best coaching experience so far. Detailed and well-founded analysis of my training behavior, including running analysis by video. Wherever I have resisted an online triathlon coach, now it would not be possible without it. The online training plans created by Takao Dir are the nuts and bolts, but most of all I like his advice on the phone and his sports stories. The man knows what he's talking about. People sometimes look weird when they hear that I have a personal trainer who trains me online, but what matters is the results and they are awesome.

Benjamin König


Takao from Training mit System is really a very good coach, there are no ifs and buts.
I have experienced him as a personal trainer, when we were still living in the same area, since I moved away, he is now coaching me as an online coach for my triathlon, long distance and fitness training.
Takao, as a coach who has been a successful athlete himself, has the authority to push you to your limits, but always going as far as is necessary for your personal success. At the same time he is also a super nice and friendly guy with whom you can talk about other things than just sports. Nevertheless, the tips he gives you for your training are always worth their weight in gold.
The first step is always a very intensive conversation that he has with you, he wants to be able to estimate your personality and your will to perform in training and sports very accurately from the beginning.
I can really recommend Takao perfectly, also as an online trainer.

Translated from German

Maximilian Burgdorf - Personal  and Online Coaching client


Ironman Frankfurt Training

"Thus we have my training (about 8 hours / week) made much more efficient. I could achieve a huge improvement with my new IM-best time 11:13 hrs (2007).

I am fully employed and therefore it was important to adjust the training schedule quit perfact depending on my time schedule. Training plans and suggestion would not help me, if I cannot integrate them in my everyday life. There is no finish line

Mario (Agegroup40)

Translated from German

Mario Friedrich, CEO Engel Canessa and real estate consulting



With a lot of expertise, professionalism and intuition "Sport and Training” rehabilitated me after an injury back to health. Therefore, he pointed out possible future weak points in my occupation as artist and entertainer. He gave me the right exercises for my future.

It was exactly what I was looking for, the perfect support with personal training. Continue like this and good Luck! 

(Translated from German)

Gena Kil, Artist - Personal Coaching client

Triathlon Training Program

From "Training with System" I get a really personal coaching with individual training contents which always fits to my goals and possibilities. As a Triathlet with ambitious aims the systematic training is just fun!

(Translated from German)

Christian Klaren: DTU Athlet, „Team Erdinger Alkohlofrei", SSF Bonn Triathlon


The flexible and properly matching training plans are top. Takao has always an open ear (and enough patience!) for all my questions. So far I reached all my sport goals and even more. Because it is just fun, I will remain thereby!

(Translated from German)

Andreas Schmidt - Triathlon Coaching Client


NO LOW thank's Takao.

(Translated from German)

Gerhard Schurig: CEO Advertising agency Schurig & Schurig.         



From 5 k  run to the Half Marathon under 2 hours: Thanks to a training plan who was  completely adjusted  to my individual needs and my coach with much personal commitment … Thus I achieved my goal easy and with much fun.
With Takao each realistic goal can be attained, just running you have to do on your own…

I'm looking forward to the next step.

(Translated from German)

Murielle Molberg - Agegroup 50 - participient Running Group Cologne
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