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Pre Build Half Ironman 70.3 Training Plans

Half Ironman Trainingsplan

As with any sporting activity, in Half Ironman training it is very important to be well prepared with appropriate specially selected training sessions. The choice of the right training methods and the right sequence of training sessions is very important. Only by doing so you can get the most out of your training and effectively increase your performance and endurance.

For people who want to successfully compete in a Half Ironman, the right preparation is of greater importance. That is why we have plans that are individually tailored to you and to your competition (Half Ironman Training).

Take advantage of our Training Plans - we offer a comprehensive selection of Training Plans


12 Weeks
Half Ironman Training Plan

24 Weeks
Half Ironman Training Plan

36 Weeks
Half Ironman Training Plan



Why is our plan the right one?


You get:

- each training session for swimming, cycling and running contains detailed training guidelines.
- the structured workouts for cycling and running can be exported to a compatible devices and guide you through your training
- access to our support and resources with detailed documentation, instructions and explanations
- full e-mail support for any questions
- instructions for adjusting to a different race or training day

The plan has been tested and proven many times, it can even be used as often as you like.

Our guarantee:

Money back or exchange the plan for an alternative plan within the first 14 days of purchase


... "As a newcomer at the Long Distance, the chosen Beginner plan was perfect for me, even if I missed a training session now and then, it worked out great and I never felt overburdened. The units were enjoyable and brought me safely to my goal. I would always recommend the plans to others"...

- Nadine Peters - Ostseeman - Long Distance Triathlon

Read more testimonials at hour website.

About the author:

Our passion is endurance sports, for almost 20 years. I have been coaching a wide variety of athletes, whether triathlon beginners or long distance athletes, everyone is 100% coached to achieve their goal.
The experience as a coach, former professional triathlete and graduate sports scientist is incorporated into the training and will benefit you as an athlete. In a team with Pete Ventura we support athletes in Europe, US and America.

Training Tips

In general, it can be said that in preparation for the Half Ironman, at least two training sessions per sport should be trained in one week.

In swimming it is important that beginners in Half Ironman training should train shorter distances, from 50m/y - 100m/y. Later, when the swimming technique and endurance is better, the intervals should be increased to 200m/y - 400m/y and then further developed. A training session for the Half Ironman training can be for example 15 times 100 meter/yard with 15 seconds break in between.

We prepare you with your Training Plans to get ready for your race

In cycling, units of about one hour should be completed at the beginning. If the training is done on the home trainer in winter, it is also possible to take a short break to relax and recover. In general, it can be said that the maximum duration of a training session for the Half Ironman Training should be about 15 - 20% longer than the time you will spend on the bike on the day of the race.

At the beginning of the Half Ironman Training, the running training should be trained for about one hour (depending on the level of performance with small breaks for recovery).

The Half Ironman Training for running should be increased to a maximum duration of 2:00 hours in the basic endurance area, depending on the running time in competition. It should be taken care that the maximum running time in training exceeds the duration of the run in the Half Ironman, because running often becomes the most exhausting discipline at the end.

A common mistake made in Half Ironman Training is that many athletes train too much and too hard. This generally results from an assumed tightness of time and the desire to train more, many athletes put themselves under pressure and forget that a higher training quality is more valuable than a higher training volume.

As already mentioned, especially in Half Ironman Training it is not always an advantage to train with too high intensity. It should always be kept in mind that most of the energy in competition is provided by fat burning and only a small part by carbohydrate burning.


By the way, the Half Ironman Training Plan can also be easily performed by all working men and women with family and children, a support of the family is definitely an advantage :-).
It is not significant at what time the training is performed.

We will help you to plan your training sessions effectively and to reach your highest possible performance level.

Achieve your goals with our individual triathlon training plan and individually designed training according to your requirements.

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Half Ironman Training Plans


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Our Guarantee:

guarantee money back

For all training plan applies.

  14 Days Opt Out, No Cancellation Fee

14 Days If your Plan does not meet your needs you can switch to another Plan

It’s simple: If for any reasons you are not satisfied in the first 14 days, we will refund you  100% of your payment.

T. Mühmel

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