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- General Terms and Conditions of Business -

Training mit System
Takao Mühmel

Stettiner Str. 31
17493 Greifswald



1. validity
1.1 All offers, deliveries and services of "Training with System" are made exclusively on the basis of these General Terms and Conditions.
1.2 They shall also apply to all future business relationships, even if they are not expressly agreed again. These Terms and Conditions shall be deemed accepted at the latest upon acceptance of the goods or services.
1.3 Changes and additions are only binding if they have been confirmed by us in writing.

2 Conclusion
2.1 The contract is concluded with a binding commitment from "Training with System" and acceptance of the GTC, not by sending an online order or the automatic e-mail confirmation at The e-mail confirmation exclusively confirms the receipt of the e-mail. We reserve the right not to perform the service.

3. method of payment
3.1 Depending on the service, payment shall be made in cash, on account or in advance, at the agreed rate.
3.2 Invoices are due for payment without deduction immediately upon receipt of the service.

4. other costs
4.1 If additional costs arise due to the desired sports, training content or external support (entrance fees, space rent, etc.), these shall be borne by the client, possibly through separate invoicing by the external service provider.
4.2 If "Training with System" buys products (sports equipment etc.) on behalf of the client, the goods remain the property of "Training with System" until full payment by the client.


Cancellation policy


5. General right of revocation/right of rescission/

You can cancel your contract within 14 days without giving reasons in writing (e.g. letter, fax, e-mail), (or - if the goods before the deadline - by returning the goods). The period begins after receipt of this instruction in text form, for services however not before receipt of the contract confirmation by Training with System, for goods however not before their receipt by the recipient and also not before the fulfillment of our duties to inform according to article 246 § 2 in connection with § 1 Abs. 1 and 2 EGBGB as well as our duties according to § 312g Abs. 1 Satz 1 BGB in connection with article 246 § 3 EGBGB.

The timely dispatch of the revocation or the goods suffices to comply with the revocation period.

Special note:
In the case of our contracts for services (coaching, training, seminars, diagnostics), the right of revocation expires if Training with System has begun the execution of the service with the consent of the consumer or if the consumer has initiated this himself (§ 312 d III BGB).

5.1 Training plans
You can cancel the booking of a finished training plan (for a certain period of time) within 14 days after ordering without giving reasons, but only (!) if the training plan has not yet been allocated, if it has already been allocated, you can exchange the training plan once for another one. You keep the deadline by declaring your withdrawal by e-mail, letter or fax. If you have already paid for the training plan, we will credit the amount to your bank account.

5.2 Online Coaching
Online coaching (weekly setting of a training plan for one week) Plans are created continuously at an agreed interval, unless otherwise agreed, the contract runs until terminated by the athlete. The contract may be terminated at any time. The coaching for individual weeks can be excluded at any time without calculation from the preparation (e.g. because of illness, vacation or injury), this must be divided before the preparation day (individually differently), paid amounts are then charged in the following month.

5.3 Training camp, seminars or similar events.
If you withdraw from an event (training camp, seminar or similar) with "training with system" after registration up to 7 working days before the start of the event, we will charge a processing fee of 20% of the invoice value, after that no refund is possible, unless your reserved place can be filled by a substitute person.
If you have to retire during the event due to accident or illness, we will offer you a new entry for a new edition, taking into account the fees paid.
Please send us your cancellation request: Training with system - Takao Mühmel Stettiner Str. 31 17494 Greifswald.

5.4 Personal Training
If the client is unable to attend, he/she must cancel as soon as possible, but no later than 12 hours before the start of the training. Otherwise, the agreed fee for the booked training unit will be charged in full.

The revocation is to be addressed to

Training mit System
Takao Mühmel

Stettiner Str. 31
17494 Greifswald

E-Mail: info (ÄT)

Fax: +49-(0)3834 - 3189895


End of the revocation instruction


6 Failure / entitlement to participation Training camp/Personal training/Seminars
There is no entitlement to participate in a training camp or to create a training plan. If the capacities are exhausted, we will inform you immediately.
Should the execution of a training unit or a training camp be too dangerous or impossible due to unforeseeable circumstances (weather conditions etc.), the training unit will be postponed or cancelled. The decision about the execution should be made by mutual agreement with the client(s), the final decision lies with "Training with system".
6.1 Claims for compensation
In case of a short-term cancellation by "Training with System" no claims for compensation can be made. Already paid training units will be credited or refunded on request.


7. delivery / service / subsequent delivery
7.1 Delivery shall be made as quickly as possible or on the agreed date.
7.2 Delivery dates or periods, which are regularly agreed without obligation, must be in writing or confirmed in writing. The delivery/service shall be made to the agreed delivery/service address. The agreed deadlines shall be adhered to by "Training with System" as far as possible, no further liability shall be assumed.
7.3 If "Training with System" is responsible for non-compliance with blindingly agreed deadlines and dates or is in default, the customer shall be entitled to compensation for default in the amount of a maximum of 5% of the invoice value of the delivery/service affected by the default. Any further claims shall be excluded, with the exception of the delay caused by at least gross negligence.
7.4 Compliance with the delivery and service obligations of "Training with System" requires the timely and proper fulfillment of the obligations of the other contractual partner.
7.5 The customer is obliged to ensure smooth delivery. Any delays and waiting times arising in this connection shall be borne in full by the Purchaser.

8. transfer of risk
8.1 Unless otherwise agreed in writing, delivery/service from "Training with system" is agreed.

9 Retention of title
9.1 The training plans and performance diagnostics remain the property of "Training mit System" Stettiner Str. 31 17493 Greifswald until full payment has been received.

10. copyrights
10.1 "Training with System" reserves ownership rights and copyrights to illustrations, drawings, calculations and other documents. They may not be made accessible to third parties or resold. Passing them on to third parties requires the express written consent of "Training with System".

11. exclusion/limitation of liability
11.1 Any liability for damage to health which may have arisen from the training with "Training with System", or from positive breach of contract, from culpa in contrahendo and from tort are excluded against "Training with System" as well as against your vicarious agents, unless intentional or grossly negligent action is present.
11.2 The customer undertakes to visit a doctor of his choice at least every 2 years to assess his state of health and to test the safety of being able to take up a sporting training. Furthermore, the customer undertakes to interrupt the training if health problems or concerns arise.

12. data protection
12.1 Your data will be treated in accordance with the provisions of the Federal Data Protection Act. Your data will not be passed on to third parties or only with the express permission of the person concerned.
12.2 The client undertakes to maintain secrecy about any business and trade secrets of "Training with System", even after termination of the framework agreement.
12.3 "Training with System" shall maintain secrecy with regard to all information of the client that becomes known in connection with the performance of the training and support measures, even after the termination of the Framework Agreement.

13. other agreements
Should individual provisions of this condition be or become invalid in whole or in part, the validity of the remaining provisions shall not be affected. The ineffective clause will be replaced by one that comes closest to the desired result.

14. place of jurisdiction
German law applies. Place of jurisdiction is the seat of "Training mit System".

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Sports and Training has helped in the last 20 years over

 8000+ Athletes

to achieve their goals



guarantee money back

14 Days Opt Out, No Cancellation Fee

If your Plan does not meet your needs, you can switch to another Plan or you get your money back.




Sports and Training has helped in the last 20 years over

 8000+ Athletes

to achieve their goals



guarantee money back

14 Days Opt Out, No Cancellation Fee

If your Plan does not meet your needs, you can switch to another Plan or you get your money back.


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