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4. Technical questions about the training platform and the account


  • 1. What are the minimum system requirements for training account?

    You need one:

    • Browser (Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, Chrome)
    • Adobe Flash Player at least version 10.2 or higher.
    • Internet connection, preferably cable, DSL or other wide band connection
    • optimal is to recommend screen size of 1024 x 768 is recommended.
    • To display the training units on your mobile phone in the app only
    • the current version of the operating system from Apple, Windows or Android

  • 2. How can I upload my training file to my training?

    The easiest way is to upload your training file is automatic synchronization of the manufacturers. Most common are Garmin and Polar. See question 5 and 6.

    Standard Version

    The best way to upload the training session is from the quick view of the training session.

    The first step is to upload the training session to your computer using the software of the watch/device.

    Then you click on the training session, the quick view of the training opens, here you can click on the button.

    Upload device file (in the example picture, a file is already uploaded here), then the view changes to (File uploaded).

    After pressing the button "Upload device file" a window opens and the file can be uploaded from the corresponding folder in the PC. This is different depending on the manufacturer and computer settings.

    This is possible at the earliest on the training day, before an upload of the training unit is not possible. The column "Completed" is missing!


    Einheite Hochladen

  • 3. How do I know if my training device is compatible with the training platform?

    You can find the latest list directly on the TrainingPeaks helpdesk website.

  • 7. Is there an app for my iPhone or Android?

     Yes, there is an app, it's free.

    Apple Version  download from Apple Store

    Android Version download from Google Play Store




  • 8. Can I share my training with others on Facebook, Twitter & CO?

    Yes, as soon as you have uploaded a training, you will see the corresponding icons (Facebook, Twitter, e-mail or link) in the bottom left corner of the training window.

  • 9. Where can I find the GPS-Map and the heart rate chart?

    Once the training session file has been uploaded, you can go to "Map & Diagram" in the training session view, click on the 'Map & Graph' button above to view the 'Training Details'.

    In the view of the diagram, you can then select or hide various by clicking on them.

    Alternatively, you can display the training zones in the background.

  • 10. How do I get more information from my (Garmin) swimming unit?

    Here the Garmin Connect platform has really an advantage. The reason for this is that the platform displays the effectiveness values and split times of each 25m or 50m section, regardless of whether it was stopped as split times.

    Regardless of this, the unit should be transferred to the training platform by exporting the TCX file so the trainer can see it.

    You can get to the details of the swimming units by ...

    1. in the Garmin Connect Dashboard open the unit (double click) and go to Show intervals on lanes.

    garmin tc analyse

    2. The corresponding interval (e.g. 200 m test) must be clicked and then opens.

    garmin tc analyse 2

    3. Here you can see the detailed information about time and effectiveness per lane.
    Unfortunately, this function does not yet exist in the training account, therefore the intermediate times and effectiveness values of a test or an important unit should be entered manually into the training unit on the training account.

    garmin tc analyse split

  • 11. What additional features and functionalities does the Premium Account have?

    Most athletes have a free and (for most) sufficient Basic Account. This account can also be used after the training with us.

    Comparison of basic and premium features



    Entering the training via the Internet Browser, Android or IOS



    more than 90 watches and devices are compatible with the platform



    View of the training total (day, week, month and individual period of time)



    Entering various training devices, including shoes and bicycles)



    Display of the best performances (training or races) in the app



    Entering and planning future training units  


    Synchronization with calendars (Outlook, Google, Thunderbird, iCal)  


    In-depth analysis of training units  


    Analysis with the help of approx, 30 tables and diagrams  


    Post processing data from the workout  


    Price  free

    $ 9,92




Sports and Training has helped in the last 20 years over

 10000+ Athletes

to achieve their goals



guarantee money back

14 Days Opt Out, No Cancellation Fee

If your Plan does not meet your needs, you can switch to another Plan or you get your money back.




Sports and Training has helped in the last 20 years over

 10000+ Athletes

to achieve their goals



guarantee money back

14 Days Opt Out, No Cancellation Fee

If your Plan does not meet your needs, you can switch to another Plan or you get your money back.


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