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Personal Training in Cologne, Bonn and Westerwald


The exclusive offer - Personal Training with "Training mit System"

 personal training bonn cologneOne hour, one day, one week or a whole month, as your Personal Trainer. One of us will be exclusively with you. If you like 24 hours a day, 7 days of the week, 365 days in the year. At each place of the world.


Efficiency and Professionalism - the slogan of all areas of the Modern World, here in Personal Training. Each minute with us as a Personal Trainer will bring you further.

You tell us your goal! We will motivate and encourage you while adapting training routines to meet your individual needs, constantly striving to make your workout enjoyable.

Beginner or Professional, everyone immediately likes it. No questions should remain open!


If you would like to request a consultation or you need more information, contact us by phone +49 - 178 - 97 58 558 or by E-Mail.

Personal Trainer for:

  • Run
  • Swim
  • Biking
  • Triathlon
  • Fitness, Strenght and Stabilization,
  • Rehabilitation


personal fitness training

personal trainer

personal training bonn



1 hour
Card of 10
60 min
each 60 min
85,00 Euro
800,00 Euro

  • a travel charge may appears depending on travel time
  • Personal Training with 2 persons - we charge an extra 25,00 Euro


Order- Now!

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1. Follow Your Goals

  • daily structured training session
  • designed for specific training requirements
  • training based on heart rate or power
  • Field test to set your training zones and progress


2. Choose Your Package

  • Triathlon Choaching
  • Trainingplan
    Sprint Triathlon Training Plans, Olympic Triathlon Training Plans, IRONMAN 70.3 Training Plans, IRONMAN 140.6 Training Plans, 10K Running Training Plans, ​Half Marathon 21 K, Training Plans, Marathon 42 K Running Training Plans, Swimming 500/1500 Training Plans

3. How It Works

  1. Choose your Package
  2. Sign up and Purchase
  3. Download your Training Plan Instructions
  4. Get connected and receive your Training Plan