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On the following pages you will find tips and inspiration on endurance and triathlon training, nutrition as well as on the technical material for swimming, cycling and running.

Use our knowledge, get the most out of yourself and enjoy the sport!!

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Individual training zones cycling by heart rate

If the individual heart rate at the threshold (FTHR) is determined or know by a test, training ranges can be read in direct dependence from the respective threshold heart frequency from the respective chart.

Find out your training zone for cycling based on your individual threshold performance.

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Individual training zones in swimming according to speed

The use of the training zones in swimming is not always easy. How to use them and what the zones look like is described here.

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Individual training zones biking by power

Find out your training zones for cycling based on your individual threshold performance.

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swim tubing - the perfect exercise to improve swim stroke

swim tubing trainingSwim tubing exercises are the perfect exercise to stimulate the swim stroke while out of the water. It can be used as a replacement for a water training session if the training fails ore as an additional training.

Studies have shown that regular pull rope training significantly increases swimming speed.

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Connect Garmin Connect and TrainingPeaks

garminconnect step2 200pxThrough the connection between Garmin Connect and TrainingPeaks, the Garmin training data is automatically synchronized with training peaks and is loaded into the training sessions if necessary.

How it works is explained in 3 steps.

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The most important technique drills for biking

biking technique 300x200Pure unwinding kilometers will not generate the absolute training result. With a good technique you can pedal more powerful and more effective, through the higher efficiency you will be able to cycle faster or to spare your power reserves for the critical moment.  

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Tips for Season Planning - After the Season is Before the Season

In autumn, when the days get shorter, many triathletes and endurance athletes recover more or less from the season, many athletes begin to anticipate the planning of the upcoming season.

A few tips to help you plan your season ....

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Technical terms explained - Training Stress Score, normalized power and intensity factor

Again and again, different terms about training confuse more, than they are helping to understand it. With this article I want to help to shed some light into the matter.

The starting point is to find the load of a training session and the training stimulus to the body of the athlete.

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An overview of the training areas for endurance sport

trainingsbereiche im Ausdauersport

For an effective and successful training it is necessary to train in the right training area, but how are the training areas defined and what is the goal of each training area.

We explain the basic factors.

Recovery and compensation (Reg) - Zone 1

The recovery training is inclined, after or before heavy loads, e.g. a competition, a demanding training session or a whole training block, to support and prepare the regeneration ...


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Definition of the individual training zones through tests

The correct adjustment of the individual training zones is a fundamental part of every single sport, because the athlete wants to finish every training session in the best way possible. If the training areas are only vaguely established, the training cannot be done effectively. It is ineffective (to low training stimulus) or even dangerous to health (to high training stimulus). 
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Technique Drills Swim

​The following ten drills are very basic and yet very powerful when done correctly. Another point to consider for swimming technique improvement is frequent video analysis to pin point exactly what areas of your individual technique to focus on and to insure you practice with proper technique drill form.

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Technique Drills Running

​With a nice running technique you can run more effectively. With the exercises to the run - ABC, the body feeling and your running technique can be increased effectively. Here are the basic technical. Exercises shown.
These exercises should be integrated into the running routine as often as possible and performed for at least 15 seconds. In the break between the exercises a complete recovery should take place.

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