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triathlon coaching and training plans

Coaching with high performance guarantee - since 2001

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triathlon coaching and training plans


Tips for Season Planning - After the Season is before the Season

When you plan the competitions for the new Triathlon year, you can take many aspects to note, and in the beginning, many questions are open! Therefore, they all should be answered before you sign a competition or several competitions.

When is it the best time to start with the planning for the new season, or the first Triathlon? You should get some help with the decision to decide the best competition. You should always try the planning as soon as possible for the upcoming year and start the next competitions.

These are the three main reasons for me:

  1. Many desirable competitions, especially the middle and long-distance are booked out very early.
  2. The training can be single-mindedly and long-term in the main competition if need be.
  3. Those who are not independent must apply for a long-term holiday, or even have few holiday windows availed.

The one that decided a competition for themselves should know one thing: What is his goal of the race?

Should this be a race, just to take a part of it, or the main event of the year, where everything is turned up to, or maybe a family holiday associated with it, so the most cases are even more to be observed!

Which characteristic should this race fulfil to have the best requirements, to achieve a good, or even the best result?

Therefore, should this example be said, when you decide yourself for a competition in spring or at the beginning of the year, that means for many athletes that the most time of the training will be done in the cold, and most time will be spent in the indoor trainer, there will be less pretty days to enjoy a wheel drive with their friends, and at the day of the competition the temperature will be warmer than expected from the training days.

If you are on the hunt for your best time, want to secure your qualification for Hawaii or just want to complete your first triathlon, it makes sense to choose a course that corresponds to your own training conditions, because if you as a "flat country" barely altitude meters on the bike complete, the most beautiful bike trails in the mountains can quickly become a problem. If you swim less in the ocean or are a little afraid of the water, you might want to try swimming in the lake, as this can also be a relief.

Many athletes have built a proper support system around themselves and support each other. It is these people who make it possible for the athlete to pursue his hobby.

  • What does the family, friends or acquaintances want?
  • Are there any starts that have to be taken place in the club? 
  • Can the competition be integrated into a holiday? 
  • Are there other dates that collide with the competition date and the preparation for it?

If one is to be trained systematically, aspects of training planning must also play a decisive role. Macro, Meso- and Microcycles should be considered.

These physiological aspects inevitably lead to the following questions:

  • Are there periods in which a training camp can be planned?
  • When can training be done with increased range of exercise (e.g. by the accumulation of days off)?
  • Does less training have to be done in specific periods (e.g. occupationally dependent)?

Grobplanung und Ideensammlung zu Beginn der Planung
Rough planning and collection of ideas at the beginning of planning

You should graphically present yourself the entire year and write down various options, competitions and other mandatory dates and see in overview to plan the optimum as possible.

Discuss your goals with friends and acquaintances, this is the only way to crete a realistic plan, everyone is happy, and all carry the decision to start at certain competitions, support you an the rce course and drive to a beautiful holiday area and the days afterwards to spend there.

There is no completely correct or perfect solution, nor is there a 100% guide to planning. Perfection is in the eye of the beholder, and everyone has to find the right solution.

Have fun with the planning!

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