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sunset end of season training coronaNow we are almost at the end of the actual triathlon season, but on the whole there were almost no competitions and there will be only a few races left. The hope of all of us to be able to start after all has been mostly shattered. What to do with good form, where to put the excess energy and the will to test yourself in competition.
Here are a few options.





You can admit defeat and stick your head in the sand - this is honestly not an option for us, we all enjoy triathlon and the sport we have chosen. Also, after a few weeks of NOT training, we lose our form and our performance decreases.


Determine the current performance level in training and expand the training specifically. Most of us have no more upcoming competitions, this gives us the possibility to make the training load independent and very special, even a little crazy, because new demands create new stimuli. Why not look beyond your own nose and join forces with specialists to improve the individual disciplines and take the positive effects of special training for swimmers (not long-distance swimmers :-) ), track cyclists or middle-distance runners. Here are a few options.


Organize your own competitions on a small scale, this idea is from Coach Pete, with a bit of luck we will get a competition report from him in the coming weeks.
Invite friends or even competitors to join you on the same level and do a small (training) race with consideration, you will find this is extremely fun and challenges you to perform at your best.
The same works with athletes on a lower or higher level. Here the chase-start method is ideal, the weaker or stronger athlete gets an advantage or a disadvantage at will.
You can do the whole race in one piece or start each discipline separately and then combine all disciplines.


Enjoy the year as a year of recovery, it sounds crazy, but it makes a lot of sense to take a break for a year and NOT to put your body through the stress of many races. Yes, competitions are also stress and at a certain point every sport is unhealthy and 3 Ironman races or even 4 half Ironman are actually more "stress" on your body than you think.
In this understanding you can take care of family or friends once a year and give something back to the supporters and show thankfulness. Besides, you save money and gain a lot of time, at least the money can be spent in other places.


Plan the next year. At the moment the Corona situation seems to improve in general, and we are all positive, so it makes sense to hope and look optimistically into the next season.
Do you have any questions or can we help in any way, send us a mail, and we will be happy to support you.

By the way, just in time for autumn we will have a further development in performance diagnostics. We are following the current developments and have decided to use a well established software and can therefore help our athletes even better to achieve their potential.

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