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You should be able to train according to your possibilities and abilities. I offer a special coordinated training and the individual support to you to achoeve this goal. Athlete and coach should have fun and enthusiasm at the training together. Each training session should be a high point of your day. I use my knowledge and my experiences, so that you achieve your goals as fast as possible. You are the center of my work - individuality and your success in the first place. Takao Muehmel.

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1. Follow Your Goals

  • daily structured training session
  • designed for specific training requirements
  • training based on heart rate or power
  • Field test to set your training zones and progress


2. Choose Your Package

  • Triathlon Choaching
  • Trainingplan
    Sprint Triathlon Training Plans, Olympic Triathlon Training Plans, IRONMAN 70.3 Training Plans, IRONMAN 140.6 Training Plans, 10K Running Training Plans, ​Half Marathon 21 K, Training Plans, Marathon 42 K Running Training Plans, Swimming 500/1500 Training Plans

3. How It Works

  1. Choose your Package
  2. Sign up and Purchase
  3. Download your Training Plan Instructions
  4. Get connected and receive your Training Plan