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Weight managment

The ideal body weight for athletes

Many athletes are interested in how they can achieve their ideal weight for their sport and their related objectives. To have the ideal body weight means you have to push less watts of power and running faster. It means for optimized five kilograms of body weight that you can run a distance of ten kilometers, almost two minutes faster or cope with the bike climbs eight to ten percent faster.

To achieve such an improvement is usually a month-long rigorous training required. But going too low a body weight associated with a lack of muscle mass and thus in turn counter-productive.

But how do you know what weight is the best for yourself and your sport?

First, you have to take a look on the individual sport. It is obvious that an American football player in the Defence is not comparable to a marathon runner and a 2.10 meter tall man should not be compared with a 1.61 meter small woman.

We are happy to assist you with the professional optimization of your body weight.


Price: 120, - € per month  order-now

The weight management program is accompanied by an individual diet and exercise plan to reach your personal goal.

Follow Your Goals

  • daily structured training session
  • designed for specific training requirements
  • training based on heart rate or power
  • Field test to set your training zones and progress


Choose Your Training Plan

Sprint Triathlon Training Plans, Olympic Triathlon Training Plans
IRONMAN 70.3 Training Plans, IRONMAN 140.6 Training Plans
10K Running Training Plans, ​Half Marathon 21 K Training Plans
Marathon 42 K Running Training Plans, Swimming 500/1500 Training Plans


Start Your Training

  • Choose your Training plan
  • Purchase and Sign up
  • Download your Training Plan Instructions
  • Receive your Training Plan