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Video analyses  in swimming, running or biking

In swimming and in other sports the performance level is determined by technique. If you move with a poor technique, you cannot achieve your potential performance level. Nearly everybody implements movements, then he thinks he does.

With the video analysis movement errors are recognized and visibly pointed out to you. This is a first start to learn a new more efficient movement. With the movement optimization you increase your performance level and you will contribute injury prophylaxis.

The video recording takes place from four different perspectives, from the side, as well as from the front and in the back. With this video you receive a detailed written  review with an error description and exercises to correct your mistakes.

With these kinds of sport-specific technique analysis (inclusive video analysis) movement are analyzed and checked for its efficiency. False loads can be recognized thereby and a movement optimization are reached in many cases very fast. You will win valuable time and the fun at the new movement quality.



Price: 95.00 Euro order-now

                                           (Duration approx. 1 hour).


Analysis of your own recorded video is possible on request.

Travel costs are calculated from 20 min start from the calculated time.

Special conditions and special prices for groups and associations on request.


Running Technique Analyses for swim, bike, run


No matter if pose running, natural running or forefoot running, we think there are many right but also wrong starting points for your running technique. In our opinion, there is no generally proper technique for everybody.

A running technique is as individual as every runner. You have your own running history and bio-mechanical prerequisites. During a running analysis we find out the important aspects for you and correct necessary mistakes.

Price: 85.00 Euro order-now

                                             (Duration approx. 1 hour).

Travel costs will be added if calculated travel time is more than 20 min.

Special conditions and special prices for groups and associations on request.


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