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Seating Position Analysis and Technique Analysis in Biking


  • The bike performance level is also determined by our technique. If you ride with a bad technique, you cannot achieve your potential fully performance. The connection between the human body and the rigid bicycle creates problems.


  • With a (video)analysis of your seating position We will examine your errors and show the potential range of performance. This contributes considerably to recognizing the errors and shows the discrepancy between immagination and reality.


  • At the beginning the movement optimization will start on a indoor trainer and then the optimal seating position is tested in practice on the road.


  • The seat heigh, seat length and certain other parameters will be checked exactly.


  • The hight of  the handlebar and aerobars will be adjusted under consideration of triathlon spezific facts and aerodynamic aspects.


  • If necessary schoe plates will be adjustes too.


  • The movement optimization will be adjusted on the basis of ergonomic, aeorodynamic and orthopedic criteria. The goal is to increase the efficiency of the musculature and reducing air resistance.


Price: 85.00 Euro order-now

                                             (Duration approx. 1 hour).


Travel costs will be added if calculated travel time is more then 20 min.

Special conditions and special prices for groups and associations on request.

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