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Metabolic Testing



As part of the metabolic scans a simple, 13 minute breath measurement is performed.

There are identified the following factors:


  • The calories you burnat resting (without exercise) per 24 hours
  • Your fuel profile - your consumption of fats and carbohydrates per day
  • The appropriate amount of fuel in grams per day and per hour
  • Your minimum protein requirement for maintenance of muscle

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Background Information

Your body can metabolize fat and carbohydrates. When fat burning certain amounts of oxygen and carbon dioxide are released through the breath, which are measured by indirect calorimetry.


Whether fat burning takes place is dependent on hormonal levels of insulin in the blood. Only when the insulin has led the carbohydrates from the blood into the cells of your body, your body can use fat from the fat cells for fuel. Just then a fat reduction is possible.


In order to guide the optimization of fat/lipid metabolism caused, your personal baseline is determined.

In terms of value of the respiratory quotient (RQ) is.

RQ = 0.7 - 100% Fat
RQ = 1.0 - 100% carbohydrate oxidation

Target: RQ from 0.75 to 0.80. That means 50 to 80 percent fat burning.

The higher the RQthe lower the proportionate fat burning.

Here is the reason why many overweight people do not pick up despite the sport and a high metabolic rate, or very difficult. Consume too much sugar intake by the parties to get a little fat and build again on fats. Often a difficult to break cycle.

Since the testing process all that data to determine accurately, can be achieved tremendous success in weight reduction.

4 kg fat loss per month is realistic.

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