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triathlon coaching and training plans

Coaching with high performance guarantee - since 2001

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triathlon coaching and training plans

Since not everything fits 100% in training and in life, you will find some information to adjust the plan to your needs.

The training session in the plan are structured and systematically built on each other. If the plan is simply too light, too short or too heavy or the perfect weather forces you to make a longer bike ride :-) can make the following adjustments.

For athletes with the coaching option, the coach writes the plan and minor adjustments should only be necessary on a daily basis due to weather changes or short-term plan changes.

Individual adjustment possibilities of the unit length Running and cycling


long and easy training session with a very high Z2 percentage

Add the appropriate time in Z2 tempo to the end of the training session and/or extend the number of intervals contained accordingly.

Never extend the session by more than 30%.


more intensive training session Z3/ Z4/Z4/Z5-6

Do not try to lengthen units by extending the rest time between the intensive intervals, this will change the character of the training in most cases and may be counterproductive.


Option 1
Please make sure that the more intensive interval time is never 20% longer than the target distance and or time in your target race or that the intensive training time is only extended by max. 20%. Example bike split in the Olympic distance 90 minutes - maximum allowed intensive interval time 108 minutes (90min+18min).

Example: Calculation

Original unit:

Repeat 10 x (5min Z2 - 5min Z3)

Calculation 10 x 5min Z3 = 50 min intensive total interval time
Extension by max. 20% of 50min = 10min ⇾ Thus, a maximum of 2 (x 5min) additional intervals may be added.


Option 2
Single Session or second training in Brick Training: Continue  the training after completing the intervals in Z2 pace Steady Effort to extend.

Brick Training : Extend the training before you start the given intervals Z2 pace Steady Effort to slightly influence the load profile before the transition.


Depending on the training content you can add/remove several repetitions of the main set,

Shorten: Cut down the length of the swim intervals is preferred first
Extend: Increasing the number of repetitions is preferably

Sample unit:

1. Warm Up
300  @ 01:49-01:53 sec/100m/y Warm Up.

2. Repeat 2 x technique
- 50.0  @ 01:41-01:53 sec/100m/y - easy
- rest 30 sec @ 00:00 sec/100m/y

3. Repeat 2 x Options to extend 2 x 250 or 300
- 200.0  @ 01:37-01:43 sec/100m/y - medium
- rest 30 sec @ 00:00 sec/100m/y

4. 400 - maximum speed Options to extend 500, shortening option 300 or 200
- 400 m @ 01:30-01:31 sec/100m/y fast

5. Repeat 10 x Options to extend 12 x 50 or 20 x 50 , shortening option 10 x 25
- 50 medium with and without PB alternating @ 01:23-01:30 sec/100m/y very fast
- Pause 45 sec @ 00:00 sec/100m/y

6. Cool Down
200 m @ 01:49-01:53 sec/100m/y - Recovery

In the first weeks the training is held more relaxed, partly the swimming units contain a specification for the extension of the unit, if available this should be used.

Open Water / Open Water Swimming

In the last training weeks before the race the training explicitly contains Open Water units.

If these cannot be done in open water, the training should be done in the swimming pool or outdoor pool.

If it is assumed that there is NO wetsuit allowed in the race, you should swim here in competition clothes (e.g. swimsuit).


Option 1 - Training in the swimming pool instead of Open Water

Whole or partly with neoprene suit, the Wetsuit can be worn here at least possibly in the outdoor pool only at the beginning, here please pay attention to the body temperature and take off Neo early.

As a substitute for the simulation of the neoprene suit you should always swim with pull buoy to simulate the load. Unless the race takes place without neoprene release.


Option 2 - Training in Open Water instead of swimming pool

This option should be used whenever possible. Here the given training has to be built into an open water swimming as exactly as possible.

Possible adjustments:

Break times as actual swimming breaks or very relaxed swimming.

Always built in some acceleration and intervals in a calm swimming.

Exchange of training session between training days

The exchange of training session is something quite normal and is possible.

In a training plan with less weekly volume, this is much easier due to time constraints.

Swimming units are always quite easy to swap. This makes sense if the swimming pool operation time is better suited for a different sequence of exercises or if a training session is better suited for open water swimming.
In addition, a swimming unit can always be placed on the recovery day, ensure that at least one recovery day is not used or only strength and stabilization training is planned.

When exchanging session, make sure that the intensive training  (Z3-Z6) are not trained on the same day or that an accumulation of intensive training occurs and the recovery between the training is given.
Brick session should be maintained as much as possible.

The weekend training should preferably always be exchanged as a block, on a daily basis.

You can only make up for missed training sessions in the following 3 days if no recovery day or another training in this sport is missed.

If you have premium access to TrainingPeaks, you can also move future units, with a basic access this only works with past units.


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