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Half Ironman Training


As with any physical activity, also in the Half Ironman training a good preparation with appropriate specially selected Half Ironman Trainingsplantraining units is very important. Of greater importance is the selection of proper training methods and the proper sequence of training sessions. Only then you can achieve the maximum benefit from your workout and increase your endurance and performance effectively.

For people who successfully want to complete a Half Ironman, a proper preparation is most important. Therefore, you can get a specially designed training for you and your overall race (Half Ironman).


Take advantage of our coaching.

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Generally speaking, that should be in preparation for the Half Ironman training one week training depending on the way about two workouts per discipline.

In swimming it is important that beginners in the Half Ironman Training shorter distances of 50m - train 100m and then later, when the swimming technique and your power is a little better, should the intervals of 200-400yard will be raised and this will be continuously expanded. A training session for the H alf Ironman training for example can be 15 times 100 yard with 15 seconds rest in between.

Als Triathlon Coach bereiten wir sie professional auf Ihren Wettkampf

For the cycling units should be completed at the beginning of an hour. If the training is conducted in the winter on the exercise bike, can also break to relax and rejuvenate can be inserted. Generally speaking, the maximum duration of a training session for the Half Ironman Training 15 - should take 20% longer than is spent on day of competition on the bike.

When running at the start of the Half Ironman training, should be similar to bicycle-training, be trained for about an hour (depending on the level of performance with small. Rest breaks).

The Half Ironman training for the run-discipline should be increased from 2.00 hours in basic research, depending on the term in the competition for a maximum duration. This should be taken to ensure that the max. Running time in practice, the duration of the run at Half Ironman training even exceed, as is often running at the end of strenuous discipline.

A common mistake when Half Ironman training is that many athletes train too much and too hard. This results in generally accepted from a shortage of time and the will to exercise more, many athletes are putting yourself under pressure sets. and password here, a higher quality of training is more valuable than a higher volume of training.

As already stated, it is precisely in the Half Ironman training is not always beneficial to train with too high intensity. It should be kept in mind that most of the energy by burning fat in the competition and only a small fraction is provided by carbohydrate oxidation.

The Half Ironman training  is also true of any problems of working men and women with families and children are carried out, a certain  Family support is beneficial, however :-). It does not matter what time the training is conducted.

We can help you effectively plan your workouts and achieve your highest possible level of performance. We use your strengths and work on your weaknesses.

Reach your goals with our individualized triathlon training and individual extended-your training requirements.

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