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17 November 2019

In autumn, when the days get shorter, many triathletes and endurance athletes recover more or less from the season, many athletes begin to anticipate the planning of the upcoming season.

A few tips to help you plan your season ....

16 October 2019

The use of the training zones in swimming is not always easy. How to use them and what the zones look like is described here.

14 November 2018

All my athletes will receive 20% off a new Premium Annual Subscription . This code is good through Nov 25, 2018. With this Premium Account we can provide more immediate feedback throught Post Workout Notifications.

10 October 2018

​With a nice running technique you can run more effectively. With the exercises to the run - ABC, the body feeling and your running technique can be increased effectively. Here are the basic technical. Exercises shown.
These exercises should be integrated into the running routine as often as possible and performed for at least 15 seconds. In the break between the exercises a complete recovery should take place.

10 October 2018

​The following ten drills are very basic and yet very powerful when done correctly. Another point to consider for swimming technique improvement is frequent video analysis to pin point exactly what areas of your individual technique to focus on and to insure you practice with proper technique drill form.



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